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Thursday, April 11

11:00 CEST

Game Design as Gardening: Summit with Adriaan de Jongh, Eric Zimmerman, Gabe Cuzzillo, Hartmut Koenitz, Robert Yang, Sabine Harrer, Thomas van den Berg

  • 11:00-11:05 Björn Bartholdy, Csongor Baranyai, Gundolf S. Freyermuth: opening words
  • 11:05-11:45 Eric Zimmerman: 100 Versions of Losswords
  • 11:45-12:15 Hartmut Koenitz: Learning From Biology – Game (System) Design as “gardening”
  • 12:15-12:45 Sabine Harrer: Plantations of Play – Colonial Botany in Videogames
  • 13:00-13:30 Robert Yang: We Must Cultivate Our Garden
  • 13.30-14:30 Game Development as Gardening: panel with Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks), Gabe Cuzzillo (Ape Out), Thomas van den Berg (Kingdom) – moderated by Csongor Baranyai

- - - - -

Games develop in a way that I can only describe as organic,
in that they tend to start as a core and then grow outward. 

(David OReilly)

A game as playful media and complex system can’t be drafted as a whole beforehand, but has to be grown into its (final?) form through iterations, morphing from version to version, finding its own shape step by step or just evolving forever.

Dissecting and examining the development process of games is key for understanding and mastering not just game design and development, but the increasingly digital world we are in per se. Game Design as Gardening is the academic extension of Devolution, exploring similar topics as the exhibition from a different point of view. Experts from academy, science and research and game development will discuss the growing process of digital games and what that means for digital media.

Game Design as Gardening will be moderated by Su-Jin Song.

Game Design as Gardening is a cooperation between Devolution and Clash of Realities and a part of Devolution #5.

- - - - -

Keynote: Eric Zimmerman: 100 Versions of Losswords

Many game developers talk about iteration during the “gardening” of development, but in the heat and pressure of releasing a game, we often don’t get to practice it as much as we would like. This session takes a painfully detailed look at the iteration of a single game: the mobile title Losswords. Through dozens of screenshots, mock-ups, and wireframe schematics, this session will trace the development of the game from fundamental changes through the minutiae of detailed refinement. From the core play mechanic to the narrative world to the interface details, developing Losswords meant wandering through a desert of possibilities, not always knowing how to proceed or whether we would make it out of the “garden” alive. Join us for hard lessons learned, both good and bad.

- - - - -

Hartmut Koenitz: Learning From Biology – Game (System) Design as “gardening”

Games are (digital) systems, in which the elements influence each other and there is a feedback loop between game and player. There are clear parallels to biology as the origins of system theory and an overall systemic understanding of nature. Gardening means to create an ecosystem, in which plants influence each other and where we need to take the environment into account - the climate, seasons, soil, available space etc. Game design as gardening means to learn from this biological counterpart: planning for growth, patient and steady attention, weeding out of unintended effects.

- - - - -

Sabine Harrer: Plantations of Play – Colonial Botany in Videogames

Plantations of Play looks at game development through the lens of colonial botany. Where does our obsession with open colonizable worlds and the fear of a wild and untamed "Indiepocalypse" come from? One possibility: Our tools of game gardening have deep roots in Europe's bigoted history. Time to unpack some trends and decolonise game gardening.

- - - - -

Robert Yang: We Must Cultivate Our Garden

Let’s assume we’re all very important, and fifty years from now, scholars will want to study our work and process. Let’s also assume we will still be alive in fifty years too... what materials will we give them, what would help them study our process and this era of game development? In this short lecture, I will talk a little bit about games and research, research as creation, archiving your development process, and why we must begin cultivating this “garden” for future generations to enjoy.

- - - - -

Game Development as Gardening – panel with Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks), Gabe Cuzzillo (Ape Out), Thomas van den Berg (Kingdom). Hosted by Csongor Baranyai.

An in-depth interview with Adriaan de Jongh, Gabe Cuzzillo and Thomas van den Berg about the development processes of their games. How to grow a game?
How did the game change during its development? Why? Which features were added? Which were taken away? When? What were the interesting design challenges? What was the original vision of the game? How did the idea emerge? How did certain features evolved into their final version?
Hosted by Csongor Baranyai.
- - - - -

avatar for Su-Jin Song (DE)

Su-Jin Song (DE)

Su-Jin Song is a film producer and director based in Germany. She studied creative producing at the ifs international filmschool cologne. Her graduation film “Ein Märchen von einer unmöglichen Stelle im Universum” was nominated for the German short film prize and won many awards... Read More →
avatar for Björn Bartholdy (DE)

Björn Bartholdy (DE)

Cologne Game Lab
Björn Bartholdy studied communication design (diploma) at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart and media design (diploma) at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. He also worked as a freelance designer for Bayerischer Rundfunk, RTL, VOX and VIVA. Since 2003 he has been responsible for... Read More →
avatar for Csongor Baranyai (DE)

Csongor Baranyai (DE)

UE – University of Applied Sciences Europe
Game and narrative designer Csongor Baranyai has more than 10 years of experience in the game and interactive media industry. He studied film and television dramaturgy/ script writing at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) in Potsdam/ Babelsberg. He has worked as game designer... Read More →
avatar for Gundolf S. Freyermuth (DE)

Gundolf S. Freyermuth (DE)

Cologne Game Lab
Gundolf S. Freyermuth, PhD, is a founding co-director and Professor of Media and Game Studies at the Cologne Game Lab of TH Koeln-University of Technology, Arts and Sciences, as well as Professor of Comparative Media Studies at the ifs international film school of Cologne. - Prior... Read More →

avatar for Hartmut Koenitz (DE)

Hartmut Koenitz (DE)

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Koenitz is professor for Interactive Narrative Design at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. The focus of his research is Interactive Digital Narrative in Video Games and other emerging digital formats. He is also an artist and sometimes even a car mechanic. His... Read More →
avatar for Sabine Harrer (AT)

Sabine Harrer (AT)

Sabine Harrer, Ph.D is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies, University of Tampere (Finland). Their research focuses on cultural videogames criticism, HCI and intersectionality, and creation-based knowledge making. Author of the book Games... Read More →
avatar for Adriaan de Jongh (NL)

Adriaan de Jongh (NL)

Adriaan is a game designer best known for indie game hit Hidden Folks, a hand-drawn interactive searching game, and for experimental games like Bounden and Fingle, which move people out of the normal space of videogames by challenging players to dance, hold hands, and share physical... Read More →
avatar for Eric Zimmerman (US)

Eric Zimmerman (US)

Eric Zimmerman is a game designer and Arts Professor at the NYU Game Center. He designs games on and off the computer that invent new forms of play. Eric was the co-founder of the NYC-based studio Gamelab and his projects include Diner Dash and SiSSYFiGHT 2000. He has also designed... Read More →
avatar for Robert Yang (US)

Robert Yang (US)

Robert Yang makes surprisingly popular games about gay culture and intimacy -- he is most known for his historical bathroom sex simulator The Tearoom and his male shower simulator Rinse and Repeat, and his gay sex triptych Radiator 2 has over 150,000 users on Steam. He is currently... Read More →
avatar for Thomas van den Berg (NL)

Thomas van den Berg (NL)

Thomas van den Berg creates games and game-like things and loves using pixels & shaders as impressionist tools, leaving room for the viewer's imagination. With Noio, he created the Kingdom games: minimalist strategy games that are simple, but will not hold your hand, and leave you... Read More →
avatar for Gabe Cuzzillo (US)

Gabe Cuzzillo (US)

Gabe Cuzzillo is a game developer based in Brooklyn best known for his work on Ape Out, a saul-bass inspired top down action game with a focus on immediacy, physicality, and percussion. He teaches game development at NYU, and is also currently working on an arcade cabinet featuring... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 11:00 - 14:30 CEST
Stage 1

12:00 CEST

Jelena Viskovic: How to Use Games as Guides to the Unknown
Jelena Viskovic is an artist who works with simulation and explores how games can be used as experimental tools to engage with complex issues our world faces today. She will talk about ways in which worlds we know from videogames merge with our own, and open up strange new paths for us to engage with the reality we live in today.

avatar for Jelena Viskovic (HR)

Jelena Viskovic (HR)

Jelena Viskovic is an artist who currently lives and works in London. She makes web-based, mobile applications and uses videogame engines to build new types of social research tools, virtual worlds and social networking platforms. Her collaborative projects Patternist and Rromok have... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 12:00 - 12:40 CEST
Stage 2

12:40 CEST

Sabine Wieluch: Glyphsprache – Crowdsourcing a Poetic Language
Glyphspache is a new language for writing poetry that anyone can help create! Invent your own glyphs and assemble them to beautiful poems and stories. Bleeptrack (Sabine Wieluch) will give a short insight into the development process, how the language works and else what you can do with it.

Glyphsprache is a project commissioned by Now Play This Festival (happening in London on April 6–14th, 2019) and A MAZE. / Berlin. The glyph dictionary and poems will be added to and shared by visitors to both festivals.

avatar for Sabine Wieluch (DE)

Sabine Wieluch (DE)

Sabine Wieluch aka bleeptrack is a computer scientist, hacker and maker interested in the fusion of technology and art. She creates generative art for pen plotters, lasercutters and CNC mills. Her projects and progresses are documented on her youtube series "work in progress".

Thursday April 11, 2019 12:40 - 13:20 CEST
Stage 2

13:50 CEST

Niki Smit: Entering the Scene – The Role of the Human Body in VR
Monobanda makes performative works that incorporate the human body and performative elements in their interactive work.

Co-founder of monobanda, Niki will talk about creating situations that invite performance & their new work: Kinesics: A exploration of body language in VR.
Kinesics is made in collaboration with Improvive, and playable at A MAZE. / Berlin 2019.


Thursday April 11, 2019 13:50 - 14:30 CEST
Stage 2

14:30 CEST

Tyu Orphinae: Dress Up ↑ Pants Down ↓: Ramblings of a Pro Dress Up Gamer
This talk will feature 18+ (censored) content as well as medical imagery some people may find disturbing.

Dress up games are probably the least known genre in the entire games industry. Traditionally associated with girls games, it’s easy to imagine these games to be cheap, flashy browser games. But is that all there is to it? What if I told you that Skyrim, Mass Effect or Dark Souls are also dress up games? Even Rocket League and WWE wrestling games! So let’s examine how dress up games have found their place among all types of audience, from your regular AAA title to the not so known indie dress up makers, without forgetting of course… sex games. And hopefully at the end of this talk, you’ll understand why we developers should give these games just a tiny bit more of attention!

avatar for Tyu Orphinae (FR)

Tyu Orphinae (FR)

Tyu Orphinae is a 2D/3D game artist and indie developer. Her interests are split between two extremes, from the cutesy world of magical girls and kids games, to the darker dimension of witchcraft and horror movies. She uses both as inspiration for her work, as a contractor and in... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 14:30 - 15:30 CEST
Stage 2

15:00 CEST

Enter Africa – Gamify Your City Future: 15 Countries, 15 Visions, 15 Games
Can Games Make a better Future? We are convinced they can! And that is what the project Enter Africa is all about. It encourages us to use game thinking as a tool to address everyday challenges in Subsaharan Africa.

Interdisciplinary teams including architects, urban planners, IT experts and artists in 15 African cities create location-based games – playable on mobile phones. The games anticipate our cities’ transformation processes and envision future scenarios: Which challenges for infrastructure, culture and the environment emerge? How can they be experienced and solved in a playful way?

Out of these 15 visions, the teams identify joint topics for Sub-Saharan Africa - and create one analogue African game with a focus on borderlessness and the promotion of African cultures. This process has generated a network of creative, innovative, young professionals across the African continent – the Enter Africa Community. Together, we use games and game thinking to realize our visions for Africa’s future.

Enter Africa is a project by the Goethe-Institut. It involves many partners – game design and gamification experts from Ethiopia and Germany as well as organizations from different African countries.

During the process of Enter Africa a lot of stories were created and born: personal ones and the stories of the locations based games and the megagame. We would like to tell these stories during our stage presentation, answer your questions, get in touch with you and get your feedback!

avatar for Mihret Redda Tamrat (ET)

Mihret Redda Tamrat (ET)

Mihret is a product manager based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia passionate about education and how games can enhance learning. She is interested in how social influences dictate how people behave and self-identify and how this influences how they see their world and how they learn. When... Read More →
avatar for Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya (KE)

Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya (KE)

Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya is a pianist, animator and illustrator based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has just founded Sunflower Pictures, an animation studio committed to making high quality, nourishing content.Her practice has spanned 10 years so far and includes Animation, Social and... Read More →
avatar for Abdou Aziz (SN)

Abdou Aziz (SN)

Just a passionate game developer!
avatar for Prince Andrew Ardayfio (GH)

Prince Andrew Ardayfio (GH)

My passion is to make art to make a change in this world. To inspire others to be the best versions of themselves as well. My interests lie in art, music and dance. My hobbies are making art, reading, writing and watching documentaries.
avatar for Matthew Hansen (GH)

Matthew Hansen (GH)

I am Matthew Hansen, a Programmer with about 5 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. I am currently working as a Mobile Engineer, specializing in Mobile App Development using Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms. At Maclear Technology Limited, where I work... Read More →
avatar for Bethlehem Anteneh (ET)

Bethlehem Anteneh (ET)

Bethlehem Anteneh is an Architect and Game-Thinking consultant interested in ways and forms of physical environment and its game-thinking overlap to create spaces and activities that elevate human activity, thought and experience. She has begun work in that aspect with her thesis... Read More →
avatar for Cédric Minlo (CM)

Cédric Minlo (CM)

Cameroonian cartoonist, born June 09, 1992 in Yaounde. In 2013, he joined the team of KIRO'O GAMES, the first video game creation studio in Central Africa, where he offered his services as designer of the non-playable characters (NPC) and various objects of the game Aurion: the legacy... Read More →
avatar for Dagmawi Bedilu (ET)

Dagmawi Bedilu (ET)

Dagmawi Bedilu is an aspiring entrepreneur, software engineer, game designer and game-thinking activist with an appetite for both, science and arts. He has worked as a senior software architect for Ethiopia’s biggest IT Company, designing and developing Location-Based Systems... Read More →
avatar for Andy Katambwe (CD)

Andy Katambwe (CD)

My name is Andy Katambwe, Web developer and Community Manager. Passionate about new technology, currently Assistant Manager and Training Officer at the Lumumba Foundation.
avatar for Frank John (TZ)

Frank John (TZ)

I'm a technology enthusiast, focused on software and hardware development. Gaming and storytelling are among the things I enjoy doing.
avatar for Andric Ishami Kwisanga (RW)

Andric Ishami Kwisanga (RW)

Andric Ishami Kwisanga is a student at University of Rwanda majoring in computer science, music producer and writer. He is part of Enter Africa team Kigali currently working on a game called Ilagik. He enjoys meditation, lateral thinking and edm music.
avatar for Haroun Yasser Sangare (BF)

Haroun Yasser Sangare (BF)

Passionate about video games, mangas/comics and cinema, I am a pure product of pop culture. Builder to the core, I have decided to make the creation of cultural content highlighting African culture, my career choice and to actively contribute to the creation of a healthy and sustainable... Read More →
avatar for Thabo Tsolo (ZA)

Thabo Tsolo (ZA)

My name is Thabo Tsolo and I am 21 Years old. I am an artist, filmmaker, animator, game designer vfx and motion graphics artist and I love telling stories. I have worked on 2 animated short films, 1 miniseries, a short film and 3 games. I always excited to meet new people and hopefully... Read More →
avatar for Carmen Ho (UK/HK)

Carmen Ho (UK/HK)

Carmen Ho is an ethnographic researcher, multi-platform storyteller and producer of interdisciplinary, participatory narratives, (social) experiments and play for communities, festivals, arts and cultural initiatives. Designing disruption-ideation processes that activate audience... Read More →
avatar for Steven Tu (ZA)

Steven Tu (ZA)

Steven is an Illustrator, game maker, designer, burner, VR Believer, karaokeist, seamstress, sticker collector and #spiritcritter wrangler from Johannesburg.

Thursday April 11, 2019 15:00 - 16:30 CEST
Stage 1

16:00 CEST

Mélodie Mousset: My Journey to VR: Weaving Personal Mythology with Contemporary Art and Tech
Mélodie Mousset, contemporary artist and creator of HanaHana (nominated at Amaze 2019) will share the surreal story that led her to VR and to the creation of pieces exhibited at the festival.  Back in 2012, the artist used medical imagery to obtain digital and physical copies of her internal organs which she carried in her suitcase, across the Atlantic, on board a cargo container. In Mexico, after several shamanic reimbodiement  attempts, she finally decided to engulf in the cave system of Masateca s’ magic mountain. This, also leaded to her first VR introspective piece called « We were looking for ourselves in each others (Organ Island). « Meeting my heart, brain and liver  in a desert island and stepping into them for real was a powerful experience »….

The storytelling-performance will develop perspective on how art and technology can fabricate or transform individual or collective fiction.

avatar for Mélodie Mousset (FR)

Mélodie Mousset (FR)

Mélodie Mousset is a French contemporary artist based in Zurich, Switzerland.Involuntarily pioneer in the field of new media art, her practice includes making sculpture, film, performance and virtual Reality, as long the body can decompose, recompose or multiply.Renown writer author... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 16:00 - 16:40 CEST
Stage 2

17:00 CEST

Publishing for Indie Games: The Next Challenge – panel with Adrien Larouzée, Francis Ingrand, Thierry Baujard, Volker Ritzhaupt
What is the role of publishers for indie game companies? When is a right time to contact them? What do they expect? What are they looking for? Come to this session to find out!

avatar for Thierry Baujard (FR)

Thierry Baujard (FR)

Thierry Baujard offers 25 years of experience in financing the Creative industries.  He is cofounder and Director of SpielFabrique (www.spielfabrique.eu) which is a Franco-German Acceleration programme dedicated to video games.  His focus is on alternative sources of financing for... Read More →

avatar for Adrien Larouzée (FR)

Adrien Larouzée (FR)

Co-producing and publishing games at ARTE France since 2014.Created in 1992, ARTE is a public service European culture channel and digital network with a focus on creation and innovation. In the last decade, ARTE has co-produced a number of major interactive works, including the games... Read More →
avatar for Francis Ingrand (FR)

Francis Ingrand (FR)

Plug In Digital
Francis Ingrand, born on November 30th, 1972 in Paris is a videogame business veteran, a French entrepreneur of this sector and specialist in video game distribution issues worldwide. He is the founder and current CEO of Plug In Digital that provides distribution and publishing services... Read More →
avatar for Volker Ritzhaupt (DE)

Volker Ritzhaupt (DE)

Application Systems Heidelberg
Volker Ritzhaupt learned how to program on a Commodore PET 2001 in 1982, bought a Commodore 64 with serial number 214 and continued  with an ATARI ST. He started the software company Application Systems Heidelberg 1985 together with two business partners. His expertise is building... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 17:00 - 18:00 CEST
Stage 2

17:10 CEST

Hyper Talks: Delphine Fourneau, Jessica Palmer, Marina Díez, Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya, Nomi, Pietro Righi Riva, Rohun Ranjith, Troy Duguid, Zuz Buchowska
Hyper Talks are short and fun 5 minute knowledge-injections. Ten speakers will talk about projects, experiences, failures and sources of inspiration in their work. The Hyper Talks are a platform for both established artists as well as upcoming talents: some of the past hyper speakers ended up being winners of the A MAZE. Awards. The session is hosted by Mascha Camino.

- - - - -

Delphine Fourneau: Work Art & Hobbies
Welp, my work and hobbies are the same.

- - - - -

Jessica Palmer: Observing Humanity thru the Lens of The Sims™
Contemplating the game mechanics of the worlds most popular life simulation franchise, The Sims, and thinking about real life for a second.

- - - - -

[Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the talk with lowpolis is cancelled]

lowpolis: Universal Gifts and what we choose to share
Overview of the user-created content from a game about exchanging gifts in the form of postcards.

- - - - -

Marina Díez: Selfcare in digital environments
It's possible to design digital environments that help to escape from reality in situations of stress and anxiety? In this talk, we'll speak about tiny self-care games and design for helping people in trouble.

- - - - -

Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya: Randa Randa: Nairobi as a Playground
As Nairobians, we feel every day that our city was designed for our labour, not our leisure. ‘Randa Randa’ is an AR game which seeks to harness the power of play as a healing force for it’s inhabitants. The talk will explore the current concept.

- - - - -

Nomi: Playtest with Dogs (actually, I only know my dog’s case and he’s the only dog I’ve ever lived with)
I’m gonna talk about figuring out whether the games or toys that you or someone else designed to play with man’s best friend is actually playable and enjoyable for both you and your wet-nosed mateys.

- - - - -

Pietro Righi Riva: The law of the instrument – A need for game creation tools that can tackle the human condition
Lots of accessible, designer-focused game making tools out there. Some are even made for "narrative" games! And yet, not one tool encourages a creative workflow that starts form the dramaturgy of the places and the characters that inhabit them. It's way too hard to prototype anything that is not a jumping cube with a speech bubble attached to it, or anything more complex than a basic branching text adventure. Here are some ideas for a tool to create games about humans doing human things.

- - - - -

Rohun Ranjith: Producing masters of none
A short rant about the problems of the game education system in a developing country
(It is not all about the problems but some solutions)

- - - - -

Troy Duguid: Render Dysphoria

- - - - -

Zuz Buchowska: Fuck Fun: how to be sad and feel good about it
In this poetic rant I will (over)share some of my saddest experiences with games that were much more fun than having fun.

avatar for Mascha Camino (DE)

Mascha Camino (DE)

Mascha is in her sixth semester as a game design student at UE Germany in Berlin. During her studies she focuses on Game Design and Game Narrative.Her passion for game initiatives highlighting diversities reflects in her work as co-founder of Femisphere and project manager of Womenize... Read More →

avatar for Delphine Fourneau (FR)

Delphine Fourneau (FR)

Delphine Fourneau (aka Dziff) is an independant art director & illustrator who's been working in video games for about 9 years. She’s part of the Klondike Collective, and casually work on soothing & personal game experiences like Sacramento.
avatar for Jessica Palmer (Internet)

Jessica Palmer (Internet)

Making art with game engines and performance software. [AAA] collective member.
avatar for Marina Díez (ES)

Marina Díez (ES)

Marina Díez is a Spanish game designer, events curator and organizer,  Italian and German philologist, video games journalist, activist, WIGJ Ambassador and IGDA Women in Games Ambassador. In 2017 she founded her own women-only video games magazine Terebi Magazine and started making... Read More →
avatar for Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya (KE)

Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya (KE)

Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya is a pianist, animator and illustrator based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has just founded Sunflower Pictures, an animation studio committed to making high quality, nourishing content.Her practice has spanned 10 years so far and includes Animation, Social and... Read More →
avatar for Nomi (JP)

Nomi (JP)

Nomi flic; Nomi mic; but most importantly, Nomi walc dog Isaac.
avatar for Pietro Righi Riva (IT)

Pietro Righi Riva (IT)

Santa Ragione
Curator, artist, and academic with a mission: to broaden the audience for video games. With Santa Ragione he directed FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, and Wheels of Aurelia.
avatar for Rohun Ranjith (ZA)

Rohun Ranjith (ZA)

An indian kid from sunny South Africa, designing user experiences during the day and trying to make games during the night, whilst drawing in between.
avatar for Troy Duguid (AU)

Troy Duguid (AU)

Artist working with game engines. Member of AAA Collective. Likes long walks on the beach and sunsets.
avatar for Zuz Buchowska (Space)

Zuz Buchowska (Space)

Zuz is a Helsinki-based storyteller and a game designer who tells their stories through games, immersive theatre, sad and awkward stand up comedy and short fiction. They explore the themes of queerness, gender, bodies, mental health & how weird and lonely it is to be human, but at... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 17:10 - 18:40 CEST
Stage 1

18:00 CEST

Ina Göring, Michael Freundt: New Funding Programs for German Developers
This talk will provide you with information on new funding programs that are especially aimed at independent developers from Germany. We will introduce and walk you through the „Kreativ-Transfer“ program. It partially funds your travel expenses and fees to European and international trade fares and conventions, like gamescom, PAX and any event that helps you gain exposure for your game and company, expands your network to industry partners, publishers, investors, press, influencers and your community. After the talk you should have all the info to apply for the program – the deadline is of the first application round is on April, 26th. To round the session up there will be an update on the German national games fund starting in 2019. The talk is followed by a Q&A session.

avatar for Michael Freundt (DE)

Michael Freundt (DE)

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland
Michael Freundt studied theatre science, philosophy and dance science at the theatre academy "Hans Otto" and the university of Leipzig. He worked as a freelance journalist and critic, among others for zitty, Wochenpost, Theater der Zeit and Berliner Zeitung. He belonged to the directors... Read More →
avatar for Ina Göring (DE)

Ina Göring (DE)

game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche e.V.
Having graduated as a film and television producer at Film University Babelsberg, Ina started her career as a production manager, producer and director in the film, television and animation industry. Afterwards she joined the media team (film and games) of ILB (Investitionsbank des... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 18:00 - 19:00 CEST
Stage 2

19:00 CEST

Squinky & Zoyander Street: Queer Gaming History
A conversation about queer games and their history, moderated by Allan Cudicio, in the context of the exhibition RAINBOW ARCADE – A queer history of video games 1985-2018, running at the Schwules Museum until May 13, 2019. Make sure to visit it while you're in Berlin!

avatar for Allan Cudicio (IT/GH)

Allan Cudicio (IT/GH)

Berlin Based Game Designer @ Wooga. Lately I have been pouring creative energies into: games for women, short stories, afro-fantasy, world building, Pen & Paper and human spaces.

avatar for Zoyander Street (UK)

Zoyander Street (UK)

I am an artist, researcher, and critic. My practice focuses on videogames, but also involves other forms of media art and (mis)uses of technology. I like to work with toxic garbage, be that through recycling old computers that were destined for landfill, or through recontextualising... Read More →
avatar for Squinky (CA)

Squinky (CA)

Mx. Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky) is a writer, programmer, musician, and visual artist who creates games and playable experiences about gender identity, social awkwardness, and miscellaneous silliness. They have an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media from UC Santa Cruz and they were... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 19:00 - 20:00 CEST
Stage 1
Friday, April 12

11:00 CEST

Jörg Friedrich & Vit Sisler: Contested Memories: Revisiting Historical Traumas in Videogames
Jörg Friedrich is the cofounder of Paintbucket Games, currently working on Through the Darkest of Times.

Vít Šisler is part of the team behind Attentat 1942 (winner of Most Amazing Game Award 2018) and its upcoming sequel, Svoboda 1945.

Both games deal with delicate historical moments. During the course of this session, the two artists will present their projects, compare approaches, and discuss the role of authenticity in their work.

avatar for Jörg Friedrich (DE)

Jörg Friedrich (DE)

Jörg Friedrich is a game developer from Berlin, where he develops “Through the Darkest of Times”, a game abaout a civilian resistance group in Third Reich Berlin.He has been developing games for more than 15 years and worked on titles like “Spec Ops: The Line”, “Drakensang... Read More →
avatar for Vít Šisler (CZ)

Vít Šisler (CZ)

Vít Šisler is a lead game designer of the award-winning game Attentat 1942. He is also an Assistant Professor of New Media Studies at Charles University, where he focuses on video games and digital media.

Friday April 12, 2019 11:00 - 12:00 CEST
Stage 1

12:00 CEST

Simona Maiorano: A Room of My Own
This is a talk about the "stream of consciousness". I will examine how I used this literary method to design a narrative technique focusing on creativity and prototyping. In doing this, I will also open up about the ups and downs while working on my personal projects.

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Simona Maiorano (IT)

Simona Maiorano is an art-devoted game developer from Vieste, living in Bari (southern Italy). Simona works as a QA consultant, and independently develops personal projects to learn, express, experiment.She is currently developing Leaves, an adventure game that tells stories trough... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 12:00 - 12:40 CEST
Stage 2

12:30 CEST

Angela Washko: Tactical Embodiment
During her talk “Tactical Embodiment,” artist and activist Angela Washko will present several different strategies for performing, participating in and transforming online environments that are especially hostile toward women. She will introduce her long-term performative intervention “The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft” alongside several interventions, interviews, performances, written works and video games works she has created with the manosphere and online men’s seduction communities. In addition to walking the audience through her research, Washko will screen excerpts from her interview with a seduction coach who has been dubbed “The Web’s Most Infamous Misogynist” and highlight instructional DVDs, books, and hidden-camera videos created by a community of pick-up artists who teach men how to interact with and seduce women. The talk will close with an audience-participation based performative play-through of her most recent project “The Game: The Game,” a dating simulator video game presenting the practices of several infamous pick-up artists.

“The Game: The Game” is a video game presenting the practices of several prominent seduction coaches (aka pick-up artists) through the format of a dating simulator. In the game these pick-up gurus attempt to seduce the player using their signature techniques taken verbatim from their instructional books and video materials. The game sets up the opportunity for players to explore the complexity of the construction of social behaviors around dating as well as the experience of being a femme-presenting individual navigating this complicated terrain.

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Angela Washko (US)

Angela Washko is an artist, writer and facilitator devoted to creating new forums for discussions of feminism in spaces frequently hostile toward it. Since 2012, Washko has operated The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft, an ongoing intervention... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 12:30 - 13:30 CEST
Stage 1

13:20 CEST

Sun Park: Project.99 – Making Weird Games Every Month
Since Dec. 2016, a tiny developer group Project.99 in South Korea is making weird games every month. In this talk I’ll introduce the short history of the project and share some experiences like why we started this, why we're doing it, and what has changed as time went on.

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Sun Park (KR)

Game designer / dev event organizer based in Seoul, South Korea. Known as a developer of 6180 the moon. He always struggles to create weird cool games.

Friday April 12, 2019 13:20 - 14:00 CEST
Stage 2

14:00 CEST

Kirsten-Lee Naidoo: Lucky Dip: South African Edition
A session about getting to know South Africa and games in South Africa in a fun and chaotic way. *Spoiler: relevant words will be put into a bowl, randomly drawn and explained.

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Kirsten-Lee Naidoo (ZA)

A girl who kind of makes games and spends too much time watching Netflix

Friday April 12, 2019 14:00 - 14:40 CEST
Stage 2

14:00 CEST

Masterclass: Peter Lee in conversation with Elise Terranova
The A MAZE. masterclass is a 1 hour long in-depth conversations focusing on the work of a veteran of the game scene.

Peter Lee cofounded with Eric Zimmerman gameLab, a game development studio known for one of the most popular casual games of its time, "Diner Dash". He co­founded a big game festival "Come Out & Play" in 2006 with Greg Trefry and three other game designers. He also helped start Institute of Play, a non-­profit organization that designed a game like school Quest To Learn. After twenty years in NYC, he moved back to Seoul in 2011, started the big game design studio Nolgong. Korea and Germany as a main hub, he is working all around world. One of his big game project based on Classic literature “Being Faust - Enter Mephisto” (in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Korea) was launched in fall 2014 and has been traveling around the world since then. In 2019 WALLPECKERS- from the DMZ to the Berlin Wall has launched in Seoul and Berlin, a game experience connecting 70 years history of division and unification on two cities.

Elise Terranova is a designer and artist who creates work that unites site, purpose and vision.  Her work has spanned many disciplines including public art, live art, set design, interior architecture, interactive design, game design and site specific installation. Elise also has a Master of Science – Game Design from IT University Copenhagen and during the works as a game designer at Wooga. She also interviews people working in the games industry for the podcast Life and Dev.

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Elise Terranova (AU)

Elise Terranova is a designer and artist who creates work that unites site, purpose and vision.  Her work has spanned many disciplines including public art, live art, set design, interior architecture, interactive design, game design and site specific installation.Elise also has... Read More →
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Peter Lee (KR)

Peter is a game designer. He was born in Korea and moved to New York when he was 19. In 1996, He started his career at TIME magazine as a new media designer, since than he has worked for various media companies in NYC until he found gameLab with Eric Zimmerman, a game development... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 14:00 - 15:00 CEST
Stage 1

14:40 CEST

Ronja Böhringer: Colorful Pixels – Why Shaders are Pretty Neat
For a lot of people, shaders seem like this impossible to understand thing that makes games pretty. In this talk I want to tell you how I got into shaders, what shaders can do and maybe take away a bit of your fear of writing your own shaders.

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Ronja Böhringer (DE)

Ronja just finished her batchelors thesis in media informatics at the end of March. Now she joined the Kokolores collective to freelance as a shader tech artist and make personal projects to explore graphical styles and procedural narratives in games. Additionally she's an active... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 14:40 - 15:20 CEST
Stage 2

15:40 CEST

Anthea Moys: Unwinnable Games? Trickster Tactics? Sporty Competitive Performance Art? Yes.
South African performance artist, researcher, runner and bad singer will talk about her artistic practice in line with ideas surrounding play, reimagining failure and learning. She asks if playing the game in sport is not only about winning, what new role can sport play in the world today and how can the performing arts be used as a tool to investigate this?

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Anthea Moys (ZA)

Anthea is an artist, teacher, play facilitator, runner and a lifelong learner who loves to sing. Anthea wears many hats, but her main passion lies in designing informal and experimental social learning experiences, where people can connect, create and play through the arts. In 2008... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 15:40 - 16:20 CEST
Stage 1

16:00 CEST

Ali Eslami: False Mirror – Speculation of a Virtual Life
If future humans (or post-humans) ever live in completely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? The VR project False Mirror attempts to answer this by simply beginning to construct those worlds. False Mirror is a new and ongoing research project expanding floor after floor to create an infinite virtual city.

The result is a unique experience that uses speculative design to imagine possible futures. False Mirror is a vibrant and boundless virtual city that’s continually growing and reshaping itself. This is no faithful representation of an existing place, but it’s also not completely disconnected from our reality. It’s an extension of our own world, in which the virtual sometimes turns out to be material after all.

This city is built to be used as a foundation for the practice-led research to imagine possible future lives through virtuality.

During this Live Lecture from VR, Ali logs in through his Virtual Identity and Body to False Mirror. Further on, goes deeper to few of the innerspaces inside the city to play and perform with various speculations and aspects of this alternate virtual life. The audience will get a glimpse of the extents in which speculative futures can be imagined and practiced through VR. trying to overpass VR's the 'need to experience', and rather share concepts and questions that emerges from virtual world-building.

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Ali Eslami (IR)

Ali Eslami (1991) is a VR Artist and practitioner from Iran based in Amsterdam. He has been working with VR technology since 2014. Develops and designs Interactive VR Experiences to explore new pathways in this emerging medium. Further than that, re-imagine and construct possible... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 16:00 - 17:00 CEST
Stage 2

16:20 CEST

Niilo Takalainen: Music of Noita – Improvised Band Music for a Videogame
What were the benefits of working with a band? Whats the point in jamming compared to composing? Whats the point??!!
In this talk composer and sound designer Niilo Takalainen will try and answer these questions as he goes through different phases of music production for Noita.

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Niilo Takalainen (FI)

Niilo Takalainen is a Sound Designer and Composer based in Helsinki, Finland. He has worked in titles like Noita, Tormentor X punisher, Colt Canyon, Environmental Station Alpha, Broforce, Badland 2, Bleed 2.

Friday April 12, 2019 16:20 - 17:00 CEST
Stage 1

17:00 CEST

Yunus AYYILDIZ: macdows 95: Is There Life on Your Computer?
This talk will be about macdows 95's development story, how it started and how it will end.

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He was born in Turkey in 1986. He's living as an indie game developer for 6 years, creating minimal puzzle games mostly mobile ones. macdows 95 is his first computer game.

Friday April 12, 2019 17:00 - 17:40 CEST
Stage 2
Saturday, April 13

12:00 CEST

Aleksandra Jarosz & Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez: Reproductive Rights in Poland and Argentina: Games as a Form of Protest
Aleksandra Jarosz and Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez are two artists who, during the course of the past year, have used games to comment on the restrictive abortion laws of their countries – Poland and Argentina.

In this session, they will present their projects, before engaging in a conversation to compare their experiences, approaches and outcomes.

About the projects:

  • Fantastic Fetus is a pregnancy simulator inspired by the Black Protest movement in Poland. The game is nominated for the 2019 A MAZE. / Awards and will be available to play during the course of the festival.

  • Doom Fetito, or “Little Fetus Doom,” is a Doom mod created during the Anti-Fascist Game Jam in 2018, representing the fight of Argentinian pro-choice women against the anti-abortion rights groups.

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Aleksandra Jarosz (PL)

Pigmentum Game Studio
Aleksandra Jarosz is a co-founder of Pigmentum Game Studio. The latest released title of the studio is Indygo, a narrative adventure game about depression. She is also a psychologist, graphics and game designer. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. at the Academy of Fine Arts in... Read More →
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Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez (AR)

Maker of smol games. Critic of all things gamer and lover of all things personal at mata.juegos. Codes to survive. Is in a love-hate relationship with Twine. Is in love with Bitsy

Saturday April 13, 2019 12:00 - 13:00 CEST
Stage 1

12:00 CEST

Florian Faller, Maike Thies, Margarete Jahrmann, Refrakt: meta tag – Reclaiming Urban Space with AR Technology
Every day we are exposed to advertising posters, political campaigns and logos in urban space. How can we use augmented reality to comment on actions taking place in public space? How can we overwrite messages/statements found at the streets of our cities? What possibilities does AR offer to reveal, subliminally undermine or deconstruct the economic and political mechanisms that transform public space into an exclusive resource for productivity? How can AR make us from mere receivers to senders of messages, from consumers to designers?

We will discuss these and other questions with our guests on the panel. Further we will feature a selection of works of the recently established activistic collective meta tag from Zurich.

The panel is initiated and curated by the Subject Area in Game Design in collaboration with the students of the 4th semester's interdisciplinary bachelor design module of Zurich University of the Arts.

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Florian Faller (CH)

Bits and Beasts
Florian Faller is a swiss game designer, co-founder of Bits and Beasts (Feist) and a lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts.
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Maike Thies (CH)

Maike Thies (b. 1984) is a research associate in the Subject Area Game Design at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). She studied German, Media and Film Studies in Zurich and Trier (Germany). In her research she is engaged with interactive theater projects and playful installations... Read More →
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Margarete Jahrmann (CH)

The main focus of Margarete Jahrmann’s artistic research and explorations is the development of Ludic methods in the arts. As founder of the Ludic-Society collective she edited a magazine and designed a series of Augmented Reality games in public space. http://ludic-society.net... Read More →
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Refrakt (DE)

Refrakt is a Berlin-based artist collective and design studio, working on transmedia projects in mixed realities at the intersections of art, design, technology and models of perception. In 2015 they developed the augmented reality app Refrakt in collaboration with Michael Schröder... Read More →
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Sarah Buser (CH)

Sarah Buser is born in Solothurn (CH). After studying German literature and philosophy she completed a Master's degree in Theater at the Zurich University of the Arts. She currently works as a director and writes software for various projects at the intersection of participative theatre... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 12:00 - 13:00 CEST
Stage 2

13:30 CEST

Alexander Muscat: A Puzzle to be Explored, But Not Solved: Crafting Ambiguity in WORLD4
How can we create worlds that we explore but do not fully understand? This talk discusses WORLD4, a multi-view exploration game where players navigate a layered abstract world, and presents ways of thinking about spatial ambiguity to compel curious exploration.

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Alexander Muscat (AU)

Alexander Muscat is a designer, researcher, and teacher in the School of Design at RMIT University. He researches and writes about videogame design and interactive environments. His current work investigates walking simulators, ambiguity, and the intersection between curiosity and... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 13:30 - 14:10 CEST
Stage 1

13:30 CEST

[CANCELLED] Gwen Foster: A Brief History of Philippine Game Dev & Political Games
Note: due to unforeseen circumstances the talk is cancelled.

An introduction to the outsourcing history of game development in the Philippines and the struggles of finding our own voice amidst political turmoil.

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Gwen Foster (PH)

An independent game developer and grassroots community organizer based in the Philippines. A board member of IGDA PH - Manila Chapter, and the director of a local game showcase called Indie Fiesta with the goal of giving independent developers better exposure and publicity on the... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 13:30 - 14:30 CEST

14:30 CEST

Future Narratives and Immersive Concepts of Playful Media in Performing Arts – panel with Annastina Haapasaari, Evelyn Hribersek, Owen Hindley, Sönke Kirchhof
This panel will provide an overview of different groundbreaking projects and creators using technology to push the boundaries of traditional disciplines such as theatre, opera and ballet.

avatar for Philipp Wenning (DE)

Philipp Wenning (DE)

Having a background in traditional filmmaking and work experience of 15+ years in the field of cinema and TV directing and editing, Philipp wrote, directed and edited his first immersive narrative 180° film “The Imagonaut” (running time: 45 min) which had its world premiere during... Read More →

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Evelyn Hriberšek (SI)

EXPERIENCE DIRECTOR. INNOVATION ARTIST. FUTURE THINKER.Evelyn Hriberšek creates new hybrid worlds and immersive experiences by an extraordinary fusion of arts, games and high-tech. Coming from a classical background of theatre direction and scenography, Evelyn works since 2008 with... Read More →
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Annastina Haapasaari (FI)

Finnish National Opera and Ballet
Annastina is a project manager currently running the Opera Beyond project at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Having a background in cinema and communication, she is now visioning how to push the boundaries of and bring in tech to traditional art forms such as opera and bal... Read More →
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Owen Hindley (UK)

Owen is a freelance creative technology wrangler based in Reykjavik, Iceland. He makes music-centric VR experiences as co-founder of Horizons Studio, and theatre-infused events and experiences as co-founder of Huldufugl.

Saturday April 13, 2019 14:30 - 15:30 CEST
Stage 2

15:00 CEST

Nicole He: Robots Shouldn't Sound Human: The Aesthetics of the Computer Voice in Art and Games
This is a talk about how the shitty, recognizably robotic speech-to-text “voice” is an important artistic aesthetic that should be preserved, even as speech synthesis technology advances (see GLaDOS, Cortana, etc). When the AI voices in our everyday life sound indistinguishable from human voices, what does it actually mean to be human?

avatar for Nicole He (US)

Nicole He (US)

Nicole He is a programmer and artist based in Brooklyn, whose recent work is focused on unusual uses of voice technology. She's a freelance creative technologist at Google Creative Lab and an adjunct faculty member at ITP at NYU. She's also currently working on a new sci-fi voice-controlled... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 15:00 - 15:40 CEST
Stage 1

15:30 CEST

Marie Janin: Questioning Our Society Through the Gaming Culture
When playing video games we are often looking at first for the challenges, the escape through immersive stories, the role play through avatars, the fun etc… When artists use video games as their medium, they disturb it all. Sickhouse and The Overkill festival are trying to use these specific aspect of gaming and the technologies that enable them, as mediums of reflection. Through critical and playful researches, focusing on relevant themes, we confront contemporary societal issues with games; as much for their topics than the technical processes, the consoles, the gameplays, the vocabulary etc..

Interdisciplinarity is an evidence in the gaming industry, sometimes less of an evidence in art or music. With our work we are trying to push interdisciplinarity to a place of collaboration and confrontation, using each others knowledges and interest to deepen our understanding (or questioning) of the world. Working as a multidisciplinary platform, from art to movies, music to philosophy and science, our research is based on what the games give us and we explore notions as diverse as control, independence, wandering, immortality….

avatar for Marie Janin (FR)

Marie Janin (FR)

Marie is an artist and curator from France, working in the Netherlands. She is using gaming, play and interactivity as filters to look at art and the developments of our digital culture. Crossovers and interdisciplinary projects are inherent to her work. In 2012 she started as art... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 15:30 - 16:10 CEST
Stage 2

16:30 CEST

Allan Cudicio: Was Luigi Gay?
As an intersection between media and technology, video-games are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream. Just as in films and books, LGBT diversity in video-games is turning from a nice conversation to a wider debate. How has game development dealt with queer characters and themes in the past? How are things changing?

avatar for Allan Cudicio (IT/GH)

Allan Cudicio (IT/GH)

Berlin Based Game Designer @ Wooga. Lately I have been pouring creative energies into: games for women, short stories, afro-fantasy, world building, Pen & Paper and human spaces.

Saturday April 13, 2019 16:30 - 17:10 CEST
Stage 1

16:30 CEST

[CANCELLED] Grace Bruxner Presents: A Talk About Making Frog Detective As Silly As Possible
Note: due to health reasons, the talk is cancelled.

In this talk, Grace will be discussing the easy parts and the difficult parts of developing of The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game. Specifically, she’ll be talking about the expectations placed on small teams and how periphery work and stresses impacted how the game was made. She’ll also be elaborating on the controversial statement that “games are easy to make, actually” in an attempt to stop people being mad at her.

avatar for Grace Bruxner (AU)

Grace Bruxner (AU)

Grace Bruxner is a Melbourne-based game developer and creative director of 'Grace Bruxner Presents: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game', which stars a sleuth frog. She is also responsible for the creation of 'ALIEN CASENO' and 'The Fish Market', as well as multiple other titles... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 16:30 - 17:10 CEST
Stage 1

17:00 CEST

Almut Schwacke: The Sonic Art of Foley – Manipulating Objects and Emotions
There's a good chance you're missing out on your game's full potential.

Most people understand the impact that music can have on players, but did you know that there's an excellent way of giving your game world a unique sonic personality?

Let me take you on a fun ride through easily the most playful and fun occupation in audio – Foley, the incredibly fascinating craft of bringing stories to life by manipulating everyday objects.

Join me and my favourite objects for a show and tell, where we set the soundscape for a slice of German Video Game Awards nominee Unforeseen Incidents, performed with only Foley and voice.

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Almut Schwache (DE)

Almut Schwacke is a Foley Artist, Sound Designer and Composer who loves contriving soundscapes until everything's in the right place. Being a qualified and highly musically trained Tonmeister (The Berlin University of the Arts) sets the ground for finding the right pace and mood for... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 17:00 - 18:00 CEST
Stage 2

17:10 CEST

Jenny Jiao Hsia: My Secret Weapon to Making Excellent Personal Games
Jenny Jiao Hsia is known for making small, personal games about her daily routine like doing yoga, putting on makeup, and thinking about food. Right now, Jenny is working on her most ambitious project yet. She is collaborating with AP Thomson on a game called Consume Me. Consume Me is a competitive game about dieting where the opposing team is yourself. The game draws from Jenny’s personal experience from high school. In this talk, Jenny will overshare her entire process for storyboarding and designing narrative interstitials in Consume Me.  

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Jenny Jiao Hsia (US)

Jenny Jiao Hsia graduated from the NYU Game Center in 2017 with a BFA in Game Design. She is known for making small, autobiographical games about her daily routine--like doing yoga, putting on makeup, and thinking about food. Right now, Jenny is currently adjuncting at the NYU Game... Read More →

Saturday April 13, 2019 17:10 - 17:50 CEST
Stage 1