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Bethlehem Anteneh (ET)

Bethlehem Anteneh is an Architect and Game-Thinking consultant interested in ways and forms of physical environment and its game-thinking overlap to create spaces and activities that elevate human activity, thought and experience. She has begun work in that aspect with her thesis paper and is currently working in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, UN Habitat and more projects to experiment on more. She has experience in working in collaborations and giving workshops for over 20 times for participatory related results. She is also present on several talks and conferences as presenter related to her field. She has co-founded an international Gamification network called ‘Chewata-Awaqi’ and is currently the Game-Thinking Lead of the international project ‘EnterAfrica-Gamify Your City Future!

My Artists Sessions

Thursday, April 11

15:00 CEST