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Carmen Ho (UK/HK)

Carmen Ho is an ethnographic researcher, multi-platform storyteller and producer of interdisciplinary, participatory narratives, (social) experiments and play for communities, festivals, arts and cultural initiatives. Designing disruption-ideation processes that activate audience agency to deconstruct and reconstruct systems, through interactive journeys and games on the inner-artificial-natural-social spaces we exist in. A love for crafting custom sensory experiences, merging multimedia and live performance, experimenting with participation, meaningful exchange and building vehicles for communication through immersive online and offline experiences. Which has driven her collaborations with dancers, designers, writers, chefs, artists, technologists, performers and musicians on independent works and social interventions. London-born design for performance graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2010, a creative director, producer and strategist of commercial film, stage, experiential and artistic concepts in London, Shanghai and São Paulo, before arriving in Johannesburg in June 2017, to continue her quest for (new) ways to respond to questions around identity, our socio-political bodies, voices and minds – and their boundaries, and our pasts, presents and possible futures.

My Artists Sessions

Thursday, April 11

15:00 CEST

Saturday, April 13

12:00 CEST