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Francis Ingrand (FR)

Plug In Digital
Francis Ingrand, born on November 30th, 1972 in Paris is a videogame business veteran, a French entrepreneur of this sector and specialist in video game distribution issues worldwide. He is the founder and current CEO of Plug In Digital that provides distribution and publishing services to the creators of video games worldwide. Working hand in hand with over 70 distribution partners on PC platforms, on cloud gaming and with all major console manufacturers, the company represents and distributes today more than 200 video games. Francis Ingrand has previously and successively been in charge of the internet business startup Blackorange (1999-2001), product manager and director of sales and purchases within the site alapage.com E-commerce subsidiary of the Orange Group (2001-2006) and VP Business development and Senior VP of the videogame division of the Nexway Company (2007-2011). Since 2014, Francis Ingrand is also Vice President of the SNJV (French National Union of Video Game)