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Peter is a game designer. He was born in Korea and moved to New York when he was 19. In 1996, He started his career at TIME magazine as a new media designer, since than he has worked for various media companies in NYC until he found gameLab with Eric Zimmerman, a game development studio known for one of the most popular casual games of its time ‘Diner Dash’. He co­founded a big game festival ‘Come Out & Play’ in 2006 with Greg Trefry and three other game designers. He also helped start Institute of Play, a non-­profit organization that designed a game like school Quest To Learn.
After twenty years in NYC, he moved back to Seoul in 2011, started the “big game” design studio Nolgong. Korea and Germany as a main hub, he is working all around world. One of hig big game project based on Classic literature “Being Faust - Enter Mephisto” (in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Korea) was launched in fall 2014 and has been traveling around the world since then. In 2019 WALLPECKERS- from the DMZ to the Berlin Wall has launched in Seoul and Berlin, a game experience connecting 70 years history of division and unification on two cities.